Virtual Isolation

I have embarked on a virtual pilgrimage of self-discovery of my own relationship with my body, technology and nature. Creating and traversing virtual environments has proved to be a strong meditative practice to isolate myself from the ever online virtual communities that we inhabit. Constantly plugged in, we become oversaturated with information, images, and that blue alluring glow. Our mobile devices have become apart of us, and by this homogenous cybernetic relationship between digital device and soft flesh has begun to affect how we navigate our body through digital, physical, and emotional spaces. Telecommunication advances had a utopian goal to unite us, however it has begun to divide us more than ever by those in power over these virtual systems that value profit and data over privacy and advancement. To combat this volatile essence, we must prioritize our own relationship with technology.

My path to discover my own relationship and destiny is to undergo virtual isolation. This creation process will impact not only my practice but will affect my techno-ethics, opinions and thoughts concerning technology and the naturalistic world we inhabit. By using various instruments of technology to bring ideas into virtual reality, I have chosen to experience my virtual isolation through virtual environment building. The process of designing these virtual environments into digital reality becomes an ebb and flow of computational capabilities and imagination. This current urge to mimic nature close to a mystical fantasy forest seems to be a yearn for a spiritual yet familiar space. Manifesting whimsical nature from the mind that allows freedom of expression and ideas inspired from gaming nostalgia. This naturalistic inspiration may be a subconscious decision to compensate for our collective loss of our actual nature. This still image captures the stillness of the environment and invites the user to use the mind to transport to a unknown, yet familiar place.